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Recruit Now Tokyo!

Yamagata Intech Jinzai or YIT Jinzai for short, is a global professional recruiting team. YIT Jinzai is a division of Yamagata Corporation and we specialize in job placement and recruiting of qualified, professional people in Japan and from overseas.

YIT Jinzai was developed because our world is becoming smaller and smaller and companies are having to think globally.
The need for bilingual, and specialized talent has never been stronger. With the Olympics fast approaching, and more foreigners moving to Japan; Will your organization be ready?

YIT Jinzai exists for the individuals as well, who desire to build their resume and advance their career with international opportunities and challenges; have you ever wanted to live and work overseas?

YAMAGATA INTECH Corporation was established in 1983 as the document production department of Yamagata Co., Ltd. which was founded in 1906. Our roles in the YAMAGATA group include the production and translation of documents such as manuals or specifications, Web production, system development, and so on. Recently, we also have been planning and making solution proposals for corporations in order to help them connect with their end users. Furthermore, as one of the Privacy Mark System-certified business entities, we will continue to pursue our mission to be a reliable interface provider.

YAMAGATA Group is a group of companies with more than 3000 staff operating from 23 offices in 10 countries. YAMAGATA Group has offices in the following countries: Japan, Belgium, Slovakia, China (including Hong Kong), Vietnam, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Singapore and the USA.