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Name: Bryony
Nationality: New Zealand
Industry: Hospitality (International concierge)  

I get to wear kimono every day! It’s fun and my Japanese is improving a lot.

Total years in Japan: 4 years

Your impression about YIT Recruiting team?
Very friendly and helpful – they only suggest jobs to you that are in the area you’re looking for so it’s very personal.

Did you have problems during jobs search in Japan?
*If yes, what kind of problems. Did our team help you in resolving this question?

Yes – I could come in to see the staff in person, so they could more accurately judge my level of Japanese, and assure prospective managers of my abilities even if I didn’t have it on my CV. Yamagata Intech also recently introduced me to another job in the same field – they’re good at helping you get your foot in the door in the career you want to work in.

What do you like in your current job?

I get to wear kimono every day! But really, it’s fun and my Japanese is improving a lot from working in a customer service environment. They also take input from the staff as well, so you feel like you matter as a staff member.

What would you recommend to job seekers in Japan?
*Your advices (experience) for job seeking process.

Go through an agency. They know the managers and what theyre looking for, so can help coach you for interviews and put in a good word for you. However, if youre with an agency which sends you to job interviews which need skills above your level, sign up with a different one. You want a company thats trying to help you find a job, not just get the money from placing you somewhere.

Additional Comments: 

Good Luck!