Japanese shaved ice dessert “Kakigori”

Japanese summer is very hot and humid. But summer is also the good time for omnifarious frills. The most popular summer food in Japan is ice cream, omnipresent watermelon, Nagashi-Somen (noodles), Rei-Shabu, eel (Unagi) and Kakigori. Today let’s speak about Kakigori.

Kakigori is a frappe or shaved ice dessert flavored with sap and a sweetener, the most popular flavors are condensed milk and berry or fruits syrups. Some people compare Kaki Gori with snow.

Kaki Gori in Japanese writes as “かき氷”. In summer you may see a lot of signs “かき氷”.
It is sold on events and festivals, on beaches, cafes, restaurants, tea-houses and sweet parlors.

Kakigori became very popular among foreigners as well. Usually, gourmands of Kakigori prefer flavors of strawberry, cherry, green tea, grape, melon, “Blue Hawaii,” sweet plum (in Japanese “ume”), and condensed milk. Some sweet parlors serve it with ice cream and red beans or tapioca on a top.

Kakigori has a long history. It was an expensive dish in Japan since the 11th century. Nowadays everyone can order Kakigori, but it used to be very expensive so only rich people could afford it. On that period people used other types of flavors for Kakigori. It was grape which usually was used for wine, hydrangeas, ivy and other natural ingredients. During Showa period, Kakigori became a common dessert.

In the 21st century, we do not have to use a knife to make Kakigori.

Let’s make Kakigori at home!

You may get electric ice shaver or a hand-shaving ice block to make your own Kakigori at home. Choose your favorite flavor and prepare your special Kakigori.

We know you work hard in Japan, but don’t forget about having fun in summer and enjoy your time in Japan!