Rainy Season in Tokyo

What to work in Japan? Expect Rain these days!

Recently, Tokyo is immersed in rain every day. Everyone is waiting for sunny days, when they can spend time on the beach, have BBQ on weekends and enjoy summer.

The length of the rainy season in Tokyo varies and this year it will hopefully; finish in Late July.

Rainy season called TSUYU in Japanese.

For many people, who do not have a rainy season in their home country, rainy season in Japan might come as a surprise. Besides making travel to and from work annoying the rain contributes to an increase in humidity. Plan for travel to take a little longer and realize that everyone is uncomfortable due to the increase of humidity, so be patient!

Don’t let the rain to disturb you from work in Japan and to help keep you feeling comfortable during this depressive time; here are some recommendations:

  • Don’t drink iced water, because it is easy to catch a cold;
  • Take a bath or shower, it will help you to refresh;
  • Use hand fan when you go outside;
  • Open windows to air your house in the evening and prevent it of being covered by mold;
  • Be careful with food, don’t leave it out of fridge, because it spoils very fast during this season;
  • Be careful with your use of the Air Conditioner, don’t wanna catch a cold
  • And don’t forget your umbrella when you go out!

But not everything is so bad about rainy season in Japan.

This season is the perfect time to enjoy blooming of beautiful flowers in Japan.

Probably the most popular is hydrangea (in Japanese: Ajisai) which appears everywhere during rainy season. You may find it anywhere outside, on cards, gifts, cover photos of web-sites, on posters in shops and etc. Japan has unique symbol for every season, as you know the most popular is sakura for spring time and fireworks for summer.

In addition to hydrangea, there are a lot of other flowers blooming during rainy season, you may always find them in parks and Japanese gardens.

Find positive sides of any season in Japan!