[Sales position, English required] Global Producer (Planned to be assigned to the United States)

NOTICE: Thank you for your interest, but this position is no longer accepting applicants

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Location Tokyo, Shibuya
Employment Type Direct hire
Term of Employment Full time
Professional Area Sales & Business Development
Languages English (native)
Japanese (business)

Educational background
University graduate or above
English native language level, Japanese business level or higher

■ Required experience / ability
★ Even if you have no experience in the video production industry, you are welcome if you have a strong desire to take on challenges!

・ English is native language or equivalent
・ Being able to communicate in Japanese (verbal, email exchange, report writing, etc.)

■ Priority to those who have:
・ Practical experience in the video production industry (not a requirement)
・ Experience of long-term stay abroad (not a requirement)

Desired Personality

■ Desired personality
・ Being independent to take action toward the target
・ Vitality that allows you to tackle difficulties without giving up, strong mentality that can face challenges

Trial Period 6 months

9: 00-18: 00 (60 minutes break) Flextime system.
* There is no core time because the time difference is involved in business communication with overseas partners (US, UK, Shanghai). We ask that you come to the office from 9:00 to 10:00 only once a month for the entire MTG.

Days Off

2 days off per week / Holidays / New Year holidays / Paid leave / Special leave / Nursing care and childcare leave system
* About paid leave In the first year, the number of days granted varies depending on the month of joining the company.
* Can be carried over up to 40 days

Salary ¥3,500,000 ~ 6,000,000 / year

3.5 million yen to 6 million yen (determined after considering experience and ability)
* Includes deemed overtime of 40 hours / month.
[Pay increase] Once a year (April)
[Bonus] Twice a year (March, September)
<Theoretical annual income: 3.5 million> * Reference example
* Breakdown *
Monthly income: 237,500 yen
Basic salary: 180,000 yen
Work allowance: 57,500 yen (as fixed overtime for 40 hours a month)
Bonus: 720,000 yen (* Please note that it may change depending on business performance)



Hiring Process Document screening ⇒ 1st interview ⇒ 2nd interview ⇒ 3rd interview ⇒ Unofficial decision The first selection will be conducted online. There is an English interview. * Subject to change in some cases. note that.

Job Description

[Main business]
The company plans to expand overseas in the future.
The candidates for global producers to be recruited will be assigned overseas, expanding the local network, and post-production in the video production industry (post-production work in the production of video works such as broadcasting and package media, movies. Abbreviated as “bosupuro”. You will be assigned marketing for acquisition of new clients.
* Mainly video editing and CG production
After joining the company, first of all, you will focus on understanding our business and the business contents of each division.
After that, by experiencing work at overseas contracting companies, we will understand the difference between business in Japan and on-site, and will entrust you with sales activities aimed at acquiring new customers.
[Scheduled to work in Japan and overseas]
If you have no experience in the video production industry, you will be required to acquire knowledge of each company’s business in Japan for 3 to 5 years after joining the company. After that, you will be assigned to a partner company in the United States, where you’ll be assigned to work alone for about 1 to 3 years on-site. In addition, even while working in Japan, there is a possibility of business trips to overseas such as Southeast Asian countries. (Depending on the spread of coronavirus infection)