【Apple Store】Sales Staff Kansai Area

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Location Osaka, Suita
Employment Type Direct hire
Term of Employment Full time
Professional Area Service & Retail
Languages Japanese (fluent)

No experience required. We focus on selecting based on personality.
Those who meet all of the following
1. Those who can provide bright and energetic communication
2. Those who can value teamwork
3.For foreigners
・Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1 (If there is no N1 Japanese Language Proficiency Test, it is difficult to handle tasks related to contracts)
・Work experience in Japan (temporary employees, contract employees, full-time employees)
・Holding a working visa (Specialist in Humanities/International Services, Japanese spouse, permanent resident, etc.)

Trial Period Yes (6 months) Trial period: 3 months up to 6 months *There are no changes to salary conditions.
Working Conditions

Estimated annual income: 2.81 million yen to 3.05 million yen
Monthly salary: 202,200 yen to 222,200 yen (including fixed overtime allowance)
*Monthly salary includes fixed overtime allowance and residential area allowance.
<Annual income composition>
Monthly salary (monthly salary + housing area allowance) x 12 months worth + bonus (summer and winter)
<About each allowance>
・Fixed overtime allowance
Equivalent to 30 hours per month, 34,800 yen per month as work allowance (additional pay for overtime overtime work allowance)
・Residential area allowance
The amount varies depending on the area of ​​residence and the head of household (10,000 to 30,000 yen per month)
If you live in Kyoto or Osaka city: Monthly salary 212,200 yen to 222,200 yen
* 18% of residential area allowance and work allowance are paid as overtime allowance for 30 hours a month, regardless of whether there is overtime or not, it will be provided as fixed amount.
Therefore, the remaining 82% is the basis for calculating overtime pay.
Bonus: Twice a year (June/December), transportation expenses (partially provided, company regulations apply)



Salary ¥2,810,000 ~ 3,050,000 / year

Various social insurances (health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, workmen's accident insurance (health insurance is covered by the original health insurance association <CNC Kenpo>
Free vaccination, free dental checkup, various health activities, etc.), housing/regional allowance (10,000 to 40,000 yen/month *depending on place of residence), retirement
Money system, regular health checkup (once/year), defined contribution pension system, employee/family preferential purchase system (mobile devices, etc.), social gathering 4 times a year (in some branches)
employee association (corresponding to various condolence relations), benefit station (external benefit service), award system (twice a year), retirement: 60 years old, reemployment system available: Up to 65 years old, incentive for passing public qualification, career qualification allowance (10,000 to 50,000 yen/month)

Hiring Process Document selection →Briefing session, interview, questionnaire, aptitude test (Web aptitude test will be conducted) → Job offer *The number of selections and details may change.
Job Tags transportation allowance provided

Job Description

The Apple store “C smart” operated by our company sells various Apple products and caters customers. With the cooperation of the staffs, we, the company, aims for higher customer satisfaction.

[Job Description]
1. Guidance and consultation on Apple products and accessories for customers
2. Free initial setting support
3. Maintenance etc.
[About the training system]
New employee training, rank-based training, OJT, etc.
<Contents of training upon employment>
About the company, customer service etiquette, knowledge about the industry, job details in the store, business knowledge, service basics (total 5 days)
<After joining the company>
・In addition to conducting various trainings to accurately understand customer requests and acquire high-quality customer service skills that improve customer satisfaction,
We also actively participate in customer service contests sponsored by network carriers to promote professional growth.
・In our company, there is an opportunity to be promoted as store managers and so on regardless of age.  At the same time, store management skills such as human resource management and financial management may be acquired and offered to deserving employees as a part of their career advancement.