[English] CS planning / Quality management Major game company with remote work system

NOTICE: Thank you for your interest, but this position is no longer accepting applicants

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Location Tokyo, Minato-ku
Employment Type Direct hire
Term of Employment Full time
Professional Area Customer Support
Languages Japanese (business)
English (business)

Required Skills
・ Experience in dealing with customer support for online games or social games
・ English ability (more than 2 years of practical experience)
・ For foreign nationals, advanced business level of Japanese language
・ 2 years or more of team management experience of 10 or more people
・ Experience involved in designing, constructing, and improving educational systems in customer support departments, etc.
・ Experience in improving, executing, and analyzing services or operations based on data
・ Persons with Excel skills (assuming a level where VLOOKUP, pivot table, etc. can be used)

Preferred skills
・ Data processing experience using SQL etc. (Practical experience of extraction / aggregation / analysis)
・ Those who have experience in operating or introducing RPA tools
・ Practical experience of IT engineer Practical experience

Desired personality
・ People who can pursue customer satisfaction from the customer and management perspective
・ People who can think flexibly according to the situation at that time
・ People who like to create new mechanisms
・ A person who can make a realistic design that is a compromise between the past method and the new method.
・ Person who can analyze data across projects for new projects and improvement proposals
・ People who can think about the mechanism of effect measurement
・ People who can express their opinions logically


Work 5 days a week 9: 30-18: 30

Days Off

Fixed weekly two-day dayoff system (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
Year-end and New Year holidays, annual paid leave, summer vacation, long-term work leave (every 5 years of service)
Condolence leave, prenatal / postnatal leave, childcare leave

Salary ¥5,000,000 ~ 7,000,000 / year

・ Complete with social insurance
・ Full transportation expenses
・ Fellowship subsidy system
・ Service-in subsidy system
・ Free admission to "Mori Arts Center"
・ PoS system
・ Employee stockholding association system

☑ There is a telecommuting system
☑ Transportation expenses are paid separately
☑ Close to the station
☑ Weekends and holidays
☑ Major companies
☑ No dress code
☑ Visa support available
☑ Urgent recruitment
☑ You can work immediately
☑ Special benefits available
☑ Complete with company insurance

Hiring Process Document screening → 1st interview → Aptitude test → 2nd interview → Offer interview * Basically, there are two interviews, but the selection flow may change depending on the selection status of other companies. * Interviews will basically be conducted using the online system

Job Description

[Main responsibilities]
・ Planning, execution, and effectiveness verification of measures to improve response skills in Japanese and overseas languages ​​(mainly English)
・ Various KPI settings and management for responding to inquiries
・ Business improvement, planning, execution, and effect verification by analyzing the contents of inquiries
・ Customer satisfaction analysis / measures / effect verification
・ Respond to some inquiries and carry out text reviews, etc.

We will improve the response to inquiries about the content distributed to English-speaking countries.
In addition, we are looking for someone who can be entrusted with team management in the future by identifying issues to improve customer satisfaction and engaging in efforts for improvement.