【EN・JP】 IT System Operation Support Staff Short-term Project

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Location Kanagawa, Yokohama
Employment Type Dispatch
Term of Employment Full time
Professional Area Information Technology
Languages English (fluent)
Japanese (fluent)

・ Japanese skills: Intermediate business level or above
・ English skills: Business advanced level or above
・ Those who doesn't think they are weak in IT and systems and those who are interested in systems
・ Working experience in Japan (consultation required for inexperienced people)

Nice to have
・ Experienced IT help desk
・ Those who have knowledge of PC networks, etc.
・ Persons with work experience in mixed projects with overseas companies, foreigners, and Japanese

Desired Personality

・ Those who are motivated to learn and can learn and understand even for the first time
・ Those who value communication skills and teamwork
・ Those who are quick and able to respond calmly
・ Those who can think and act voluntarily

Working Conditions

Dispatch staff (full-time)
* The contract is renewed for 2 to 3 months, and the project is planned from May to mid-September.


Working hours differ between the training period and the actual system operation period.
During training: 9:00 to 17:30 (break 45 minutes) or 9:00 to 18:00 (break 45 minutes) 7.75H to 8H scheduled to work
During actual operation: Example of working hours 2-shify rotation (reference)
Dayshift: 7:00 to 20:30 (break 1.5 hours or more, currently under consideration)
Nightshift: 19: 30-8: 30 (break 1.5 hours or more, currently under consideration)
* The working hours during the system operation period include 3 to 2 shifts and weekends and holidays due to business reasons.
It will be a shift work of about 8 to 10 hours a day. Working hours are subject to change.
* There are also plans to mix night shift and day shift.

Days Off

During training: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
During actual operation: Shift system including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (within 40 hours a week, in the case of a two-rotational shift system, after working three days, considering several days off)

Salary ¥2,200 ~ 2,800 / hour

During the training period: Basic hourly wage 2,200-2,300 yen (transportation expenses are paid separately, there is an upper limit)
During actual operation: Basic hourly wage 2,500-2,800 yen
(When 8 hours a day is exceeded or from 22:00 to 29:00, the hourly wage is 3,125 to 3,500 yen)
Transportation expenses are paid separately and there is an upper limit


Complete company insurances

Job Tags full benefits social insurances provided transportation allowance provided visa support available work in shifts

Job Description

Inquiries regarding failures and troubles that will occur upon the start of operation for the access control system (entrance / exit management), will be received by the help desk staff. Your task is to relay and confirm how to respond to the troubles and failures related to the company or the supplier to the relevant department or related party (overseas), translate and interpret the answers in English to the engineer or person in charge Japan side, and provide support regarding the response. Autonomous judgment is required according to the situation, and cooperation with each member and related parties is also required.
We are looking for someone who can think on their own, initiate and act while communicating with those around them, instead of just waiting for instructions

・ Internal and external escalation, interpretation / translation (using email, TEAMS, etc.)
・ Interpretation, translation, and communication regarding responses from inside and outside the company
・ Creation of report materials regarding the troubles and inquiries (in Japanese)
・ System and application training is scheduled to start around May 2021, and help desk operation is scheduled from June to mid-September.