JAP/ENG Global Customer Service

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Location Tokyo, Shinagawa
Employment Type Direct hire
Term of Employment Full time
Professional Area Customer Support
Languages English (fluent)
Japanese (fluent)

Needed skills
・2-3 years of experience working in Japan or working using both Japanese and English.
Experience writing/sending business emails in Japanese.
・Japanese level: Business level-native level.
*People that can read, write and make phone calls in clear, concise and fluent Japanese.
・English level: Business level (TOEIC 800 points or above) or similar skill level (currently using Japanese at work, etc.)

・Basic PC skills, IT literacy
- Touch typing, business mails, Excel (usage of Functions), PPT, Word
- Being able to look up unknown information and apply new knowledge, internet literacy
* Many IT tools are used for this job
- Chat communication using Slack, Skype, etc.

Desired Experience
- Data analysis and numerical management
- B2B correspondence (live, mail, phone, etc.)
- Team management or trainer experience

Desired Personality
  • 相手の真意を汲み取り、予測して動いて行ける方
  • 相手に共感し、思いやりのあるコミュニケーションができる方
  • 変化と速度の早い職場での仕事を楽しめる方
  • 技術に関する実務的知識とテクノロジーを使うことに抵抗がない方
  • 最高のカスタマーエクスペリエンスを提供することにモチベーションを感じる方
  • 複雑な事柄に対しても順序立てて考えること(ロジカルシンキング)ができる方
  • 他責より自責の考えをお持ちの方

Trial Period あり(6か月)
Working Conditions






Days Off

週5日シフト制勤務 (週休2日制)

Salary ¥250,000 ~ 350,000 / month




・産前休暇/育児休暇 ※取得率100% 男女共実績多数

Hiring Process 書類選考⇒1次選考(面接)※オンライン面接/日本語・英語の会話&文章作成テスト⇒2次選考(面接・適性検査(Web)⇒内定 ※状況に応じて選考の順番・回数・内容が変わる場合がございます。

Job Description

Job description
This position will be in charge of ensuring the successful expansion to the Japanese market of a foreign capital unicorn that offers payment services used worldwide.

With the decision to venture into the Japanese market in 2022, the local team is comprised of 50 members. With a plan aiming towards 100 members, we are looking for people that want to grow alongside the project.

Specific tasks
The main task is to respond to client inquiries currently using this payment service (via mail, phone and live chat. Both in Japanese and in English).
Other than that, respond to client’s requests for short-time or long-time projects, as well as actively communicate with them to find the best solutions to meet their needs. The goal of this job is to ensure the success of stakeholders and contribute to our clients’ success in Japan.

User Support
Respond to client inquiries via Mail, Phone and Livechat.
(Phone inquiries are handled by scheduling an appointment via email first and responding to the client’s inquiry via phone at the appointed time)

The number of cases to be handled per day is about 20. By responding to each inquiry in a sincere and dedicated manner, we hope to increase our engagement with companies that introduce our services.
(The main interaction language with clients is Japanese. Internal manuals, etc. are in English)

Project Promotion
Whether it be the improvement of everyday tasks or suggestions for new policies, we are constantly working together with our customers to move forward and improve our services.

Team building
As our teams grow alongside our plans for future services and project expansion, we work by taking leadership and aiming to grow as a team.