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Name: Zhao
Nationality: China
Industry: Translation

I got very quick feedback and high quality support from YIT!

Total years in Japan: 6 years

Your impression about YIT Recruiting team?

The process from interview to hiring was very smooth. I got very quick feedback and high quality support from YIT.

Did you have problems during jobs search in Japan?
*If yes, what kind of problems. Did our team help you in resolving this question?

There were troubles only in looking for job in the industry that was my first priority, there was high competition rate.

What do you like in your current job?

I do translation job, and I do it with confidence because I actually speak well both Japanese and Chinese. It is very challenging job and I am glad to be involved in the everyday lives of many people.

What would you recommend to job seekers in Japan?
*Your advices (experience) for job seeking process.

I think people have different reason for looking for a job in Japan, but it is better to look for a job that is possible to do only in Japan, that makes you feel that you can do THIS JOB nowhere but in Japan. Look for a job that matches your skills and interests, a job that make you express your vision. We have a lot of opportunities in Japanese working environment, so don’t lose your chance and use maximum abilities!


It is not necessary to speak perfect Japanese, but use skills that you have. Because we are foreigners and there are absolutely things that we know or do better, job that only we can do. I wish you to find this important thig. It is better to do things that would improve your skills that would become a useful experience and increase your knowledge base. Please do not give up until you reach that has been started.