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Career Support

If you are just graduating from school or thinking of transferring jobs, but are unsure of what your next step is, give us a call or drop us an email. Our staff will listen to your story and will introduce jobs based on not only your skills and experiences but also what it is you want to do in the future.

Multilingual Staff

We are a group of multilingual professionals who have a very good understanding of Japan’s hiring laws and visa renewals. Having dispatched hundreds of staff throughout the years, we have experienced first hand the potential obstacles and issues that can arise. We are dedicated to giving you the best advice.

Visa Support

**To be considered as an applicant you must reside in Japan and already have a visa. We will ensure that you receive all documents required for renewing your visa. We have successfully sponsored over a hundred foreign dispatch staff so you can be rest assured your visa is in good hands.

Hiring Process

Step 1: View Available Jobs

We update our job postings daily. We have several jobs in a variety of industries. Once you find a job you like, click the Apply now button on the end of the page and register.

If you are just looking for work but not quite sure what and where, feel free to apply anyway. We will be glad to listen to your story and help give career advice.

Step 2: Register

Applying is simple. Create an account and apply for a job.
Once you apply for a job, you will be asked to fill in your profile.
Try to be as thorough with your profile as you can and attach your resume at the end of the form.

We require this information to understand who you are and what kind of jobs suit your experiences and skill sets.

Step 3: Come in and chat with us

After you send us your resume, we will review it along with your qualifications.
If we decide that the job you applied for suits you, we will invite you over for a short interview. If you live far away, we can chat via video call as well.

Step 4: Official Job Interview

After we get to know you a bit more, your documents will be forwarded and screened by the hiring company. If they like your resume, we will then proceed to scheduling an interview between you and the company. Do note that the number of interviews will vary depending on the company.

Step 5: Success

If the company likes what they see, they will let us know and we will give you a call. When hired as a dispatch staff, we will ask you to come in a few days before your start date to process your employment.

※To be considered as an applicant you must reside in Japan and already have a visa.



  • Evan Bauer

    During my job hunt, I was up against a tight deadline, for my visa at the time was set to expire within a few months. Nonetheless, the folks at YAMAGATA INTECH were able to successfully set me up with a job in my desired field of translation. They introduced me to a position which had not been posted online at the time, accompanied me to the interview, then subsequently helped facilitate the smooth renewal of my visa in a new category. Even since starting at my new job, they have remained in close touch to help with any questions or concerns I may have. I could not be more grateful for their professionalism and continued support.

  • Anurag Tiwari

    I am Anurag from India. As a sales representative I worked 8 years in marketing & sales industry, and after that last year January I started to work in Tokyo (japan).
    I got frustrated within 1 year and I quit my job and decided to not work in sales industry.
    I tried to find job in hotel industry and I found about Yamagata intech, because of kind support and guidance finally I got good job without stress and now it’s going smoothly.
    Thank you so much Yamagata Intech, especially to the members who took care of me. Now, I am happily working in a sales job, and it’s all because of you.

  • 陳 淮實

    因緣際會的跟YAMAGATA INTEC搭上了線。
    非常感謝YAMAGATA INTEC的各位對我的幫助。

  • Sara Stavale

    I personally think YAMAGATA INTECH’s service is amazing!! I was really close to give up job hunting in Japan until they helped me find a really good place that I really enjoy!! Thank you so much for your help I really couldn’t have done it without your services.

  • Tanny Patcharakorn

    At the time when I was looking for a new job I had a chance to talk with YAMAGATA INTECH, they listened to what I wanted and gave me precious advice and finally offered me the job that I was really looking for.
    Throughout the whole process they were professional and supportive from preparing me extremely well for an interview through the visa process and kept in constant contact. I’m grateful to YAMAGATA INTECH people for all the guidance and support, that made my life so much easier on each stage of the process.

  • Anna Freixas

    I was in a bad moment because the company for which I came to Japan cancelled our agreement 2 weeks after I arrived. Then, I applied for a job posted on a website and I was contacted by Yamagata Intech. The position they offered me fitted with what I was looking for at that time. They helped me to prepare for the interview and they were with me all the time. In the end, during the interview, the company offered me a different position for the one I had applied, which I liked it much more. And now I am practically working on my dream job! And all thanks to Yamagata Intech. Even after I got the job they are always helping me and taking care of me, asking if everything is fine, etc. It is my first formal job in Japan so I have a lot of questions and things that I don’t know, but they always answer my questions kindly.

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