Sales staff in large duty-free shop in Ginza 【Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English】

NOTICE: Thank you for your interest, but this position is no longer accepting applicants

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Location Tokyo, Chuo (Tokyo)
Employment Type Dispatch
Term of Employment Full time
Professional Area Service & Retail
Languages Japanese (business)
Chinese (Mandarin) (business)
Korean (business)
English (business)

+ Japanese advanced business level
+ Native or advanced business level of one or more of the following: Korean, Chinese or English
+ 1 year or more of retail experience (Experience at duty-free shops is especially welcomed)

Working Conditions

As long as there are no problems or irregularities, there is a possibility to be hired directly by the company as a contract employee after 1 year


店舗営業時間  11時00分~21時00分
出勤体制    早番: 10時30分~19時00分 (休憩60分)
        遅番: 12時30分~21時00分 (休憩60分)

Days Off

Shift system
8 days off per 4 weeks

Salary ¥1,490 / hour




Job Description

Since we are reopening our duty-free shops starting the 2nd of January 2023, we are looking for staff with retail experience.

【Main duties】
+ Retail sales for tourist and Japanese customers
+ Interpreting (Japanese-Chinese, Japanese-Korean, Japanese-English, etc. You will be in charge of the language pairs that you speak)
+ Merchandise display/replenishment
+ Purchasing, ordering, inventory control
+ Cash register operation
There might be instances in which you will be asked to help in other sections of the store when they become busy or as part of job rotation.