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Name: Ahram
Nationality: Korea
Industry: Interpretation

YIT helped me find a job where I got a chance to improve my translation skills and learn other foreign languages.

Total years in Japan: 4 years 3 months

Impression about YIT Recruiting team:
They are very dedicated to their work, try to support me and try to understand what I want.

Did you have problems during jobs search in Japan?
*If yes, what kind of problems. Did our team help you in resolving this question?

Yes, I had problems before coming to YIT, and they helped me.
First of all, there are limited ways to find jobs for foreigners, especially who don’t have a working visa.  Before I came to find YIT, I attended only few interview from other dispatch company.  And I had to get the time limited skill check test and typing test under Japanese.  I didn’t feel they understood the fact that foreigners need more time to read and understand Japanese text.  When I finally found YIT, they interviewed me enough time to understand my strong and weak points. That’s important I did not have a check test because they have jobs that match to my skills. The interview was under both Japanese and English.  Actually I failed my first attempt, but they offered me another position. That’s where I am working now.

What you like in my current job?

I’m working in multi-cultural environment, half of us are Japanese and the rest half are from many countries.  This job is not only giving me opportunity to develop my Japanese translation ability but also providing a chance to learn other foreign language, to learn how to work with people from everywhere in the world as well.

What would you recommend to job seekers in Japan?
*Your advice (experience) for job seeking process.

This is related to 3rd question above. As my recommendation, job seeker should find the right dispatch company for foreigners, the company has many experiences with foreigners.