[English usage] Recruitment Consultant Sales specializing in Global Talents, no experience required, foreigner OK

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Location Kanagawa, Yokohama
Employment Type Direct hire
Term of Employment Full time
Professional Area Sales & Business Development
Languages Japanese (business)
English (business)

・English business level
・Japanese business level
Those who can handle telephone calls, e-mails, chats, etc. using a PC in Japanese.
・People who are good at communicating and team work in order to carry out their work independently while cooperating with many related parties such as sales, coordinators, and administrative assistants.

Trial Period 有 ⇒【期間】6ヶ月
Working Conditions




Days Off

・完全週休2日制(土・日)祝日 ※2024年度年間休日126日

Salary ¥250,000 / month




Hiring Process 1次面接(オンライン可)⇒適正検査⇒2次面接(対面)⇒内定

Job Description

[Job details]
Our company specializes on the dispatch and introduction of bilingual and multilingual human resources.
We always aim to solve problems by interviewing companies that require foreign language support about their language needs and human resources, and we provide registered job seekers with information on optimal jobs and long-term support. We also provide visa support when necessary.

Handling both new and existing clients. You will be in charge of client companies in the metropolitan area.
●Confirming companies’ human resources issues and needs, propose our company’s dispatch services
●Sharing and coordinating information about corporate needs with candidate coordinators
●After-sales follow-up for dispatch staff (in charge of around 10 people until they get used to it)
●Providing solutions and utilizing group companies
*In addition to “human resources” services, we will make the most of the group’s resources and propose the optimal services for our customers.