Business Development(Overseas)

NOTICE: Thank you for your interest, but this position is no longer accepting applicants

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Location Tokyo, Minato-ku
Employment Type Direct hire
Term of Employment Full time
Professional Area Sales & Business Development
Languages English (native)
Japanese (fluent)

・英語 ネイティブレベル(英語圏の文化や嗜好・考え方を理解している方)



Trial Period 3months
Working Conditions

Salary: 8,000,000 – 12,000,000 yen per year depending on experience
(*if the experience is not enough 6,000,000-9,000,000yen)


5 days per week
Depending on the position there is general, discretionary, supervisory work.

Discretionary, supervisory work: 8 hours of work. The execution method, start and end times can be decided by the employee.

Days Off



Salary ¥8,000,000 ~ 12,000,000 / year


Hiring Process 書類選考→1次面接+スピーキングテスト→適性検査→2次面接→オファー面談 ※他社選考状況などに応じて 選考フローを変更することがあります。 ※面接は基本的にオンラインシステム利用し実施予定ですが、変更となる事があります。

Job Description

【Job description】
From selecting our alliance partners such as Web3.0 communities and IP (Copyright, etc.) holders to contract related procedures, this position will be responsible for a wide variety of tasks related to business development.

【Main Tasks】
・Planning of new online advertising products through quizzes
*Preferential treatment to those with experience in online advertising planning and management
・Negotiation and coordination with tie-up companies
*You will be asked to develop new business partners, so we are looking for people who are comfortable doing so
・Contract negotiation of external licenses, project management (progress management, internal and external coordination).
・Research and investigation of the latest trends.
Analysis of trends and needs in the market, research towards the establishment of a community/community building.
・Other tasks related to the above.