【JP・EN】Office work at a university international department

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Location Osaka, Suita
Employment Type Dispatch
Term of Employment Part time
Professional Area Other
Languages English (native)
Japanese (fluent)

・ Being able to communicate and negotiate in Japanese
・ Being able to create and read official documents in English and Japanese
・ Those who speak English as their mother tongue
・ Those who have a status of residence with no restrictions on employment in Japan
Those who have a status of residence that allows them to work in the relevant business, or by the time they start working
Those who can obtain the status of residence
・ Those who can build a telework environment at home and can work from home
* PC will be lent from the dispatched company, and communication and electricity costs will be borne by you.

Desired Personality


Working Conditions

2021年10月1日より、直接雇用の「特任事務職員」として2022 年 3 月 31 日まで
※以降、評価審査により更新の可能性あり (採用日から最大で5 年で期間満了となります。)


8 時 30 分~15 時 30 分(休憩 12:00~13:00 実働6時間00分)

8 時 30 分~17 時 15 分(休憩 45 分)

Days Off

Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and other days designated by the university

Salary ¥1,500 / hour

1500円/時間 経験により応相談 ※交通費実費支給 
基本年俸 3,547,200 円(12 分の 1 の額を月額基本給として毎月支給)


Social insurance, employment insurance, workers' accident compensation

Job Tags

Job Description

You will be responsible for administrative work at the International Department of the University.

(1) English translation of on-campus notification documents (some Japanese translations available)
(2) Preparation of English manuscripts related to international conferences, ceremonies, etc.
③ Liaison and coordination and recording of visits from foreign organizations
④ Inspection and correction of various English documents issued overseas
⑤ Business to respond to inquiries by email or phone from overseas
⑥ Other office work in the International Planning Division