Localization coordination and spotting of English Subtitles for Vtuber videos (remote work)

NOTICE: Thank you for your interest, but this position is no longer accepting applicants

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Location Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku
Employment Type Dispatch
Term of Employment Full time
Professional Area Media & Creative
Languages English (fluent)
Japanese (business)

Required skills
・English: Business level or above
・Japanese: Intermediate business level or above (being able to understand orders and requests)
・Basic PC knowledge, Excel and browser-based tools
・Extensive experience with the spotting of subtitles as a job or as a hobby
・Experience using Aegisub or other subtitle editing applications
・A portfolio of videos with subtitles you translated and added

Desired Experience
・Experience with localization (localization will be done by another team, but the person in charge of this position will be managing that team, so understanding of localization work is desirable). For people that have localization experience, there is the possibility that you will be asked to do quality checks as well.

Desired Personality

・People that are interested in Vtubers and/or video streaming.
・People that like to work diligently
・People that can work in a careful manner

Working Conditions

派遣社員 ※雇用元はYAMAGATA INTECH株式会社です。




10:00~19:00 (60minutes break) 8 working hours
 *10:00~18:00(60 minutes break) 7 working hours is also possible

Days Off

2 days per week Saturday, Sunday, Holidays

Salary ¥1,700 ~ 2,100 / hour

Pension and insurance in accordance to the law, Visa support

Job Description

Scheduling and progress management of localization work, as well as spotting of English subtitles for various programs and music videos from the official channel.

Main responsibilities

・Management of the outsourced localization team (ca. 15 foreign staff members)

・Spotting (Determine the correct timing and showing length for the subtitles)

・There is also a possibility that you will be asked to check the quality of the localization

* Since the main responsibilities for this position are related to scheduling and progress management/spotting of subtitles, this position is not suitable for people who mainly want to do translation or localization themselves.

Other than the Japanese members, the team includes 3 foreign nationals. The working atmosphere is bright and with an open communication channel. The average age is 20-30 years old.