FAQ: For Job Seekers

FAQ: For Job Seekers

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What is YIT (Yamagata Intech) Jinzai ?

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We support Japanese and non-Japanese job seekers who are looking for working opportunities in Japan that best fit their skills and experience.

Any foreign individual who graduated from an accredited University and holds a valid visa may Register with Yamagata Intech Jinzai.

What is Dispatch / Temp (Haken staff)?

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yamakuma_iconOur registered dispatch staff recruits handle tasks as requested and instructed by the client company they are placed in.

How to register?

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nekol_iconClick the button REGISTER and complete the Registration form with your personal information, education history and work experience.

It is also possible to register using button APPLY from Jobs page if you are interested in any job.

What to do if I do not have visa?

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yamakuma_iconWe are sorry, but we do not sponsor visa to individuals outside of Japan. To work in Japan you should have valid working visa. It is not possible to use services of YIT Jinzai if you do not have it.

Learn more on Immigration Bureau page

What job types and industries we specialize in?

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YIT Jinzai specialize on all job types in following industries:
Translation / Localization
Gaming industry
Sales, Marketing
Proofreading and editing
General affairs / Office work
Tourism / Hospitality
Service Industry

What is the process of job seeking?

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First you need to Register with our service and send your resume in both English and Japanese.  For example if you are applying for an English Teacher position you should submit your resume in English with a picture and cover letter.

After reviewing your resume we will choose some suitable positions for you and set the time for a follow up interview with Yamagata Jinzai.

Please be prepared to introduce yourself and speak intelligently about your education, work experience and aspirations. We pre-screen all candidates prior to introducing you to our client companies who are hiring.

We may give you some recommendations on your resume, to help increase your chances of job placement.

After interviewing and reviewing your resume, we will present you with jobs that we feel you best meet the qualifications for.

You may apply only to the one that appeals the most to you or apply to all presented jobs at the same time.

In some instances you may have to correct or update your resume.

After we have your completed resume your profile will be introduced to to the selected companies of which we are recruiting for.

Depending on the results of your first interview with the client company you might be asked for an additional interview to the company you applied.

Basically there are at least two interviews excluding registration interview until you will be hired.

** If you are applying for an IT role, it’s possibile to have 4 interviews.