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Name: Jean
Nationality: France
Industry: Gaming Industry (Customer Support)

After 6 months of working as temp staff, Jean was hired as permanent employee!

Total years in Japan? 5 years

Your impression about YIT Recruiting team?

After applying I was invited to the interview next day. I had very good first impression, they had positions that were not listed in other recruiting agencies. They always have new ideas and listen to staff opinion.

Did you have problems during jobs search in Japan?
*If yes, what kind of problems. Did our team help you in resolving this question?

When I was looking for a job, YIT supported me. After registration interview they introduced me a job in Game Industry that I was looking for. They explained me all details of work in Japan very clearly and politely. Aiming to be hired they gave me a lot of useful advices for my resume and interview, after that I was hired! But even after employment they are still supporting me with their helpful advices in different spheres.

What do you like in your current job?

I am working for 6 month in the company that was introduced by YIT. I am working as multilingual specialist, which gives me an opportunity to use my experience and language abilities. I want to improve my skills, but not as dispatch staff, but as responsible part of the company I work for.

What would you recommend to job seekers in Japan?
*Your advices (experience) for job seeking process.

I think job seeking it is not an easy time for foreigners in Japan, but there are a lot of opportunities which let us use our abilities and experience. Doesn’t matter which level you have now, it is important not to give up and study Japanese language with confidence.


I am also introducing YIT Jinzai to my friends. I recommend to all job seekers in Japan to use YIT Recruiting team services.