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Name: Onis
Nationality: Argentinian / Spain
Industry: Interpretation

YIT helped me to find a job I needed, they gave me a chance to fight for my dreams.

Total years in Japan: 2 years

Your impression about YIT Recruiting team?

When I receive the call, they made me feel that I was talking with professionals, who have passion for work. I think they made me feel confident and were very kind to me during interview.

Did you have problems during jobs search in Japan?
*If yes, what kind of problems. Did our team help you in resolving this question?

YIT contacted me on the phone, around that time I’ve had around 30 work interviews in Tokyo, one of the world leading professional stages. At that time, I’ve had, even, two or three interviews on the same day, even during hard rainy days I was running for one company to another, but did not get an appropriate support because of lack of information. Tokyo is considered as one of the world’s top efficient and professional work environments, and it is a big challenge for foreigners to find that they want.
YIT helped me to find a job I needed, they gave me a chance to fight for my dreams.

What do you like in your current job?

I use 4 languages everyday; I should say 5, because Japanese honorific is a different language. I’m connected with all Japanese prefectures, and everyone is so gentle. I love to help people.

What would you recommend to job seekers in Japan?
*Your advices (experience) for job seeking process.

Instead of being nervous, it is better to develop your own strategy for work as your personal style, it is something Japanese companies appreciate. Something connected with being yourself and searching your strong points. Remember the difference between tatemae/honne, because it will help you to communicate. Japanese are the nicest people, but even between the nicest people, we should care delicately.